Student Stories

By Mayank Patyal

Batch Name- Aspire Target Batch

Feedback- Sir explains each and every concept in such an easiest way and in related to daily life experiences that we as a students are able to understand efficiently, he also provides us with many tricks solve questions in the meantime.

By Geetanjali kumari sinha

Batch Name- 11th Chemistry

Feedback- First of all,i would say D.M.sir is a very supportive person.....he has guided me personally.....he is teaching us from the basics....notes are also provided by him.... and the contents as well as assignments are very helpful for me....

By Nishant Mishra

Batch Name- 12th Chemistry

Feedback- The most complete teacher of chemistry ever in Competetive Exam Preparation. Best in all chapters. Takes a student from 0 to 100 level. Doesnt distinguish students in merit basis. Equal treatment to all children. Patient with all doubts even with the ones he had already discussed in classes. THE BEST..

By Sk Farahan Sahid

Batch Name- Sparkle Target Batch

Feedback- DM Sir is an outstanding teacher. I really love his teaching method. Sir also clears all the doubts personally through voice message. But to be honest, I dont have any doubt after watching Sirs lecture because he teaches all the things in a very easy manner. While watching lectures I never feel that it is an recorded lecture, I feel that Sir is present in front of mine. Personally I found an excellent teacher and mentor in DM Sir and I am very happy for getting such teacher.

By Tushar Agarwal

Batch Name- 12th Chemistry

Feedback- The teaching quality is excellent and D.M. Sir explains every point from basic to advance level. Best chemistry teacher with 16 years experience cant imagine he is teaching us with such great experience at such a cheap price. Sir is very frank and is very reachable . The video quality is very very good . The quality of content they provide are excellent one can easily understand and score good marks in Chemistry. Thank you D.M. Sir

By Biswadeep Paul

Batch Name- 12th Chemistry

Feedback- DM Sir is a living legend in Chemistry. The way he teaches is absolutely amazing. The examples given by him are something like adding sugar to honey. DM sir is tge best teacher for me. I like him very much due to his great teaching standard. Moreover it is to be noted that Vatsya Vidyarthi provides the most affordable price for such a great course. Coming from a middle class family, DM Sir is something like God for us.Much respect.